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Hemavan and Tärnaby have skiing for all the family, whatever your level! The two resorts provide slightly different skiing experiences. Together we offer everything from the gentlest kids’ slope to off-piste and professional slopes. Our ski rental shops carry everything from alpine skis to snowboards, telemark skis, touring/cross-country skis and a range of summit skiing equipment.

You can order your ski equipment up until two days before you need it. Minimum rental is 1 day/item.

You can choose where to collect your pre-ordered ski equipment (with the exception of randonné, touring/cross-country and summit skiing equipment, which can only be collected from Fjällparken). We recommend the following: if you’re staying at Hemavans Högfjällshotell or Alphusen, collect your equipment from Fjällparken. If you’re staying at Hemavans Wärdshus, collect your equipment from Centrum and if you’re in Solbacken or the west of the resort, Solkatten is your nearest option.

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