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Working together for fun and safety on the ski slopes

Hemavan Tärnaby is a member of the Swedish Lift Areas Organisation (SLAO). SLAO works to promote fun and safety on the ski slopes.

SLAO’s Yellow Book sets out general principles, skiing and lift rules, tips and much more. It tells you everything you need to know about using the lifts and the ski slopes!


Downhill skiing rules

  1. Show consideration: do not endanger others.
  2. Stay in control: adapt your speed and skiing technique to suit your ability, the terrain and the weather conditions
  3. Remember the rule of the road: When you’re descending, always give way to skiers below you.
  4. Keep a safe distance: leave plenty of space when overtaking other skiers.
  5. Take care when starting: always look up and down to ensure that the slope is clear before you start your descent.
  6. Stop where you can be seen: choose a spot where you are clearly visible and where others can ski past you. If you fall over, move to the edge of the piste as quickly as possible.
  7. Keep to the side of the piste when climbing up: and take special care when visibility is poor.
  8. Obey all signs: they are there for your safety!
  9. Assistance: In the event of an accident please offer help and alert the rescue service.
  10. Provide identification: everyone involved in an accident should exchange names and addresses.

Anyone in breach of these regulations may be held legally liable!

Friluftsfrämjandet, Swedish Ski Association, Swedish National Association of Ski Instructors, Swedish Lift Areas Organisation.

To find out more, visit SLAO’s website.