Welcome to the lakes and rivers of Hemavan Tärnaby

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Here you will find fishing for all tastes. From accessible spots for the whole family, to more demanding waters that will entice even the most dedicated angler.
The summer months offer many different kinds of fishing including flowing streams and rivers, arctic char lakes above the tree line and fishing from a boat.

The best spots for fishing include lakes and outflows, river promontories and deeper sections. Overhanging bushes and other vegetation provide food and protection for fish so it is worth trying your luck there.

Where to fish?

Here you find information about fishing districts in Hemavan Tärnaby.



Fishing permit

Fishing permits are available at Hemavan Tärnaby Tourist Information office in Tärnaby. They are also sold in certain shops and by private individuals associated with particular fishing districts.



Your guide to fishing in and around Hemavan Tärnaby.


Exclusive guided fishing

On some of these waters are only a few fishing permits per season and there really is promised exclusive fishing.


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Fishing Festival

During the Fishing festival, there is extra focus on all things fishy in Hemavan Tärnaby. Get together, put another log on the fire, bait your hook and share in our world of fishing.


See the film from the Fishing Festival