Mountain Terrain Festival

25 August, 2018 - 25 August, 2018

Combing Fjällvinden X-country and Fjällvinden Tough Kidz

A number attached to your shirt gives an extra boost when your in a race. This summer, local sports club Tärna IK Fjällvindens arranges Tough Kidz, focusing on younger competitors.

There are plenty of challenges for parents and adults too. Watch the children make it to the finishing line before heading out on the classic x-country race, Fjällvindenterrängen.

Fjällvinden tough kidz

Children should try Fjällvinden Tough Kidz, a fun running competition for children under the age of 14 combining open terrain and an adventure course.



Tärna IK Fjällvinden invites to a classic trail running event in the mountains.
Walk, jog or run 10k between Laisaliden and Hemavan.


See the film about our Running competitions

The joy of running!